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Welcome to Coyote Communications!!

Here at Coyote, we treat everyone with the highest regard and respect. Since we only use the highest quality equipment, we offer amazing service at very affordable pricing. Our network has been carefully designed by trained and certified networking specialists, and our connections have been tested by everyday internet users, just like you, so that we could be certain that our clients would enjoy our service. Not just our network, but our client relations as well. We work hard to help make your life a bit faster and easier!

We heard the call from our neighbors in the community for another internet service in town and have been working daily for more than 18 months straight to build you a network service that is not “just useable”, but build you a network that is solid, stable, and highly SECURE. At Coyote, we are dedicated to giving our clients nothing but the best, safest and most enjoyable service to maximize your online experience!!

Feel free to browse around and see what we currently offer and know that there will be more exciting plans and abilities coming as we expand!!

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These guys are amazing. They take pride in their work and don’t stop til the job is done. Jay and his team put in long hours to make sure I was happy and never made me feel like I was just an annoying customer. The quality of their work and equipment is more than exceptional but their devotion to customer satisfaction is unreal! I can’t even begin to express how impressed I am and truly grateful. They are such a pleasure to work with.

Celeste C

I've been on Coyote Communication's new test network for a few weeks now which they explained would have a 15Meg download and a 5 Meg upload and I must say I didn't expect this. I'm so impressed! With my computer and cell, my husband's laptop and cell, our 3 TVs, the kids devices, and the new Xbox online at the same time, it doesn't buffer, it's never slow, and always connected. The tech guys came, set me up which was fast and they even showed and explained me the differences in wires and other tech things that they do that sets them apart from other companies. They apparently spared no expense to give us an awesome network. I appreciate you guys, several years of slow or no internet and now you've brought me something awesome, thank you Coyote, your network is awesome and fun to use!!

Samantha H

Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys at Coyote. This is a sweet set up! My house and my business are finally able to get a consistent connection which allows me to really get to my customers and has really sped up my service times and ability. I know you said this was just your test network, but if your test is this good, I can only imagine what I can accomplish on your full network. Thank you for allowing me to be on your test system, it is great to finally have something stable that doesn't drop the calls or drop the video connection.


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